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CTF - Boot2Root


Event Start: 2nd October 2021, 5:00pm IST

Event Ends: 3rd October 2021, 12:00pm IST


Please take note of the guidelines for the competition as well:

  1. Please do not attack the competition infrastructure or other players. The challenges are your target.

  2. You do not need to use automated tools/scanners. Please do not use them against the challenges.

  3. Please do not brute-force flags. Let's complete the challenges with integrity.

  4. Please do not share flags with other players, or explicitly and deliberately cheat.

  5. Please do not blatantly ask for hints. The proper way to ask for help is to explain what you have tried and showcase (in a direct message) what errors or output you may have.

  6. Don't ask for Flags from any authors or participants.

  7. If any participant pings you asking flags/help/hint, then do send us a screenshot. Appropriate action will be taken and your identity will be confidential.

  8. Flag Hoarding is strictly not allowed. If found doing so, you will be banned or kicked out from the server immediately.

  9. Being on top of the leader board doesn't guarantee a prize.

  10. Please be nice to everyone in the discord server, be it fellow participants, or organizers/hosts. :)


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